We love new music and are proud to say that a significant number of our new releases have come from demo submissions from all around the world, submit demo to MTDS means to work with us and our collaboration labels.

Located in UK with artists from all over the world but still looking for new talented people. What MTDS do is to take your music to a whole new level, therefore we are looking for attitude, talent, and driven people. We listen to all the submitted demos, but please respect that we might take time to respond, due to many artists sending demos to us. However, you will always get a response for free.

Electronic dance music based in East London, MTDS accept demos in all genres, many of our demo submissions are within:


but remind we prioritize Ooooriginal Music.

Please contact us and remind to do not send a message via social media, but use following email to send your demos.

———————–> demos@mt-deluxe-service.com <———————–

However, due to the sheer volume that we receive, we do ask that you follow a few simple guidelines that will help get your music to us in the best shape and the most convenient format.

1. DO NOT send us work in progress.
2. DO NOT send us more than 1 or 2 tracks. If we want more we will ask, so send us your best work and if we like it, we will be in touch.
3. DO NOT attach files directly to emails.
4. PLEASE include as much information as you can about yourself; previous releases, web details,artist or band name, music genre, country you come from and write a short and concise letter why you want to be part of MTDS and how we can help. This is all useful information but please, no life stories! Be informative and succinct!
5. PLEASE try to keep your demos as exclusive as possible. If we sign your release it will be with a view to selling as many units as possible and our job is made much easier if the track isn\\\\’t already all over the Internet.


Initially, we now ask for all tracks to be submitted as SoundCloud links, MySpace, YouTube, or any other streaming format. We can then click and listen and if we like what we hear we will be in touch for a full length 320 MP3 or different high quality format. Whilst we often give a small amount of feedback on track rejections, we regret that we cannot reply to everyone or get involved in lengthy dialogue, as we simply do not have the time. Due to the large volume of demo submissions, we may not be able to respond or listen to your work immediately – please allow at least one weeks before \\\\’chasing up\\\\’ as this will only delay the process.

Good luck – we look forward to hearing from you and hopefully working with you in the future!

MTDS © 2019